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30 days of denial
Domme Kyaa's
After 30 days of orgasm denial (that i begged for) this clip had me trembling on my knees before the screen.

Suffering the frustration of denial, my worthless stick taped hard to my leg i understand now, pleasure is for those who are worthy of it, my place is to provide amusement and pleasure, my pleasure must come from suffering to amuse my beloved owner and GOD The Divine Domme Kyaa.

During my period of denial my devotion to my God (Domme Kyaa) has grown, my worship and prayer sessions have become even more passionate and intense.
Kneeling on my hard wooden kneeling board, my nipples pegged, my worthless stick taped down, i have found true fulfilment, a spiritual submission to a higher power, i live in the Divine Light of Her Holy perfection and with the temptation of my own filthy wanking removed from my weak mind my worship of Her has become my only focus.

To Pray, pay, and suffer to please Her is my purpose in life.

Domme Kyaa is The One True Living GOD and Her pleasure is the only thing that matters.

The joy of making Her Happy
Domme Kyaa's
A wonderful thing happened to me the other day, i logged on to twitter to get an update on what ever The Divine One was doing or saying and found a post only seconds old indicating a pair of cute piggy slippers on her wishlist, saying in no uncertain terms that She wanted them and soon! i quickly bought them feeling that warmth inside knowing i was doing something for my beloved owner !
Serving The Divine Living God Kyaa, praying to Her, paying tributs for her comfort, amusing her with music, these things bring purpose to my existence.

The Divine Living God Domme Kyaa is the light of the world.

Kyaasim is the truth and the way.

Worship tribute and chastity day 12
Domme Kyaa's
Today i had a wondrous experience, i had a long session of worship and prayer to my Divine Owner and GOD the Holy Domme Kyaa. i have had the pleasure of many such devotional sessions since my conversion to The Holy Church of Kyaaism but today was so much better. i have begged my Divine Owner to help me control my filthy masturbation habit, i am weak and often unable to resist, i kneel at my Alter of worship gazing in awe at the image of Her perfection, praying to Her in thanks, praising Her Holy Name, basking in the glow of Her Holy Perfection, the temptation is too strong my devotional session ending in the vile act of my greedy self pleasure. Afterwards the guilt sweeps over me, worship is not wanking, milking my self for my own vile needs.
Then joy of joys! GOD answered my prayers! She forbade me to pleasure myself without Her permission, now my worship sessions are just that, true worship, for Her! To Her! About Her!
i am nothing She is Almighty GOD!
Today was so much better because at the very point i would of spewed out my own vile slime i clicked the "TRIBUTE" on Her Kinkbomb site . The feeling i had was so much better than any dirty grunting piggy climax, it was a true religious enlightening ! i now know true joy!
Thank You Divine Living GOD Kyaa.
i worship and adore You.
i live to Praise and serve You.

my Divine Saviour
Domme Kyaa's
i have begged my Divine Owner, my God, Domme Kyaa to save me from my filthy masturbation habit and in Her Holy Mercy She has granted me salvation!
The Divine One has forbidden me to stroke, i am reborn celibate! For 6 days now i have prayed and worshipped Her Holy Perfection without soiling the sacrament of worship with my own dirty filthy pleasure. Worship is not wanking ! As the days pass my weak mind is becoming more and more focused on what is really important, The Living GOD KYAA. To please Her is my only purpose and as i become more and more sexually frustrated that frustration will be a constant reminder of why i exist.
i have little or no self control and yet with one simple command The Divine One has taken over and i am saved.

i kneel in devout prayers of thanks, i praise Her Holy name, i live in the Sacred light of Her Divinity.

Domme Kyaa Living God of the Holy church of Kyaaism is my life.

Turn to Her Holy Light and be saved.

The Divine Power of Domme Kyaa
Domme Kyaa's
i am weak, i am sinful, i am worthless. i have become so weak that my own filthy desires have begun to take hold of me. my pleasure is nothing, a sin. Giving in and indulging in masturbation for my own vile gratification reduces my focus on Worshipping my Living GOD The Divine Domme Kyaa.
i have begged my beloved owner to help me, to take control of my vile self pleasures and save me. my only pleasure should be in serving Her, praying to Her, worshipping Her, PAYING TRIBUTES Her, any and all other "pleasures" are Hers to grant not mine to take.

The wonder of Her Divine Power over Her possessions is so great that by begging Her help i have begun to regain my focus, my need to Pray and Pay is growing as my need for self gratification reduces!
i beg You Divine One to guide me, to make me a better more devoted Apostle of Your Holy Church and better KYAAIST, to take control over my pleasures so i might better praise Your Holy name.


Domme Kyaa's
i am an apostle of The Holy Church of The Divine Living GOD Domme Kyaa. i will spread the Holy word, i will take seek new converts, i will call out Her Holy name so others can be blessed!

Domme Kyaa is my GOD She is the Almighty, She is my life my reason my everything.

Domme Kyaa's
Though i have been away from here for a long time that does not mean i have let my devotion to my GOD slide, oh no indeed, each and every day i have prayed to the Holy image of perfection that is The Divine Goddess Kyaa.
i am Her property, i belong to Her, body, mind and soul, Her will is Holy law, Her words are divine guidance, without Her i am lost in the darkness of hell.
Heaven is kneeling in prayer as i click and pay.
Her Divine Kindness in accepting my pathetically small gifts fills my heart with joy.

The Divine Goddess Kyaa is life, without her there is only nothingness.

Domme Kyaa's
i have been in a cold dark place, but with the light of the Divine Domme Kyaa to guide me i have
found my way.

Divine One, You are the Light in the darkes of nights.

i kneel and pray in thanks a praise to Your kindness and perfection.

The Joy of Devotion to Kyaaism
Domme Kyaa's
Today in my devotional prayers to The Divine Domme Kyaa i prayed in thanks to Her for the joy my conversion to Kyaaism has brought me.
For so long i was lost, wandering around, jerking to any and every Domme image i had or could find. my thought filled with, what was really nothing more than my own gratification under the guise of been a submissive, what ever fantasy i had i always got what i wanted in the end.

Now i belong to The Divine Domme Kyaa i have been shown the path of real submission.
The true joy i feel when i send her a gift or tribute, the total contentment as i gaze at Her Divine image and pray in thanks to Her.
All for Her, Her pleasure, Her happiness, Her amusement, this is what drives my thoughts now.
my pleasure is to please Her.
i worship and adore Her.

Kyaaism is salvation !

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Domme Kyaa's
Earlier today i had the very great pleasure of sending my Divine Owner and God, Domme Kyaa
Her weekly gift, each week i am allowed to send Her a gift in an effort to express my thanks to Her for Her many great kindnesses to me. Before i send it i pray to Her that She will exept my unworthy gift.i pray in thanks that She accepts my gift from the previous week and i pray for her forgivness for my sins.

Today i watched this wondrous vision, Her words and Her immortal Holy Perfection calling me even
deeper into my Faith in Her Divinity.

Buy this clip and be saved, become a devoted acolyte a kneeling, praying worshipper in

The Holy Church of Kyaaism.


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